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Are you a well-dressed Christian woman? Do you act like the princess that you are? Are you wearing the garments of salvation, righteousness, praise, strength, and honor? If not, Girl, change your clothes. - see more

How many times have you said to yourself, or something like it, ..…“If only God would hurry up and show me His plan.”  - see more

As Christians it is easy for us to judge others whether we mean to or not. I can always tell when I’m in a “judgy” mood, and I hate that it controls - see more 


I love studying about the life of Christ. Probably 80% of the Bible studies I’ve done center around His time on earth….His miracles…His life’s work…His relationship with His Heavenly Father. But the one thing I love studying the most is His humanity.  - see more


What is the most frustrated type of Christian? Some may say it is the one who is backslidden and under conviction from the Holy Spirit? Others may say..,   - see more

What an awesome privilege we have as missionaries to physically stand in the place of Jesus, many of us in lands who for the most part have never heard of - see more