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HSQ - Who's Holding Your Clock?

How many times have you said to yourself, or something like it, . . .

“If only God would hurry up and show me His plan.”

“If only my children would slow down and not grow up so fast.”

“If only I had been born 100 years ago.”

“If only God had called me into the ministry when I was younger.”

“If only I had had my children earlier in life.”

“If only I got saved when I was a teenager.”

“If only I were ten years older.”

"If only God would let me get married this year."

“If only I hadn’t wasted so much time.”

It is human nature to think that TIME is the key to everything. After all, there is that famous saying, “Timing is everything.” The problem lies in the fact that most often we would prefer to control the clock.

One time a ministry opportunity presented itself to me that I’d been interested in doing for a very long time. It came out of the blue and, to be honest, had taken so long to eventuate that I assumed it wasn’t in the Lord’s plan for me. The opportunity came with a specific date, exactly ten days from the time I heard. My first thought was, “What in the world! There is absolutely no way I can make it happen that quickly. The timing is so off.” I was somewhat disappointed and a little frustrated and allowed myself, just for a moment, to ask God why He didn’t present the opportunity three months before when I would have had time to prepare and set things in order.

I happened to be studying Ephesians 5 that morning for my devotions, and I read in verse 17, “Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.” I felt I had a pretty good handle on what "the Lord's will" meant. I’d done so many studies on the Lord’s will…..I’d taught so many studies on the Lord’s will....but I found myself doubting if I really knew what the Lord's will was and wondering why He would dangle a dream right in front of me and yet just out of my reach. My study that morning took me to a sermon preached by Steven J. Cole entitled Walking Wisely. He made many good points, but one paragraph in particular spoke to my heart and reminded me of a great truth. Here is my paraphrased version I recorded in my journal:

"It is not about getting God to help me fulfill my dreams,

because it leaves me as the lord of my life and makes God my servant.

He is Sovereign and I am His servant. I exist to fulfill His will not vice versa."

Psalm 31:15 reminds us the “times” of our lives are in His capable hands. That morning I handed my "clock" back to Him and purposed not to waste another moment wishing the timing was different, knowing that when and if the Lord would bring that opportunity around again it would be in His perfect timing.

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