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One of my favorite things to do is read about or study the lives of women who have gone before us or who are walking beside us in this endeavor of being a woman used of God.

Their stories challenge me, encourage me, and teach me. My hope is that these "silhouettes" or glimpses of their lives will do the same for you.  


Each Silhouette contains a small synopsis of a lady’s service to the Lord, a particular story from her everyday life that resonated with my own, and a short Bible study about a truth that I learned from it. I hope that as you read these posts you might be challenged to find out more about these great ladies, that you might find something that speaks to your heart or helps you in your own journey, and that ultimately you will be encouraged to be a "She hath done what she could" kind of lady.

So grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy, and let me tell you about her story.



I have chosen to highlight the life of these ladies because of what they have accomplished for the Lord not because I agree with their doctrinal beliefs.  As with all study of man, our focus should be on how the Lord used them, the character traits they bestowed in their lives that allowed the Lord to use them, the methods of ministry they incorporated that allowed them to be effective, etc.  We do not study man to get our doctrine.  Our doctrinal beliefs should come only from the Bible.  

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